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Internet explorer 7 memory leak - anyone else ?

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    Andy H

    well i downloaded the updates yesterday for the security update for internet explorer 7. Just out of the blue ive gone into task manager today and noticed IE7 using 400mb of ram ? something seriously wrong :O gonna test , see if i can reproduce on other machines. Just wondered if anyone noticed something similar since the windows updates yesterday ?

    If i am able to reproduce how would i get in touch with the I.E team ?


    screenshot : (system uptime 1hour 25 mins)

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    Andy H

    not been able to reproduce this , must have been a one off. Still odd though. Ah well such is the joy of computing Tongue Out

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    Sven Groot

    Does this happen if you run IE in no add-ons mode? It might be an add-on leaking memory.

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    I don't think there's a web browser that doesn't leak memory. Sad

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    Perhaps it's a JavaScript-related memory leak?  Have you tried disabling JavaScript and seeing if the problem still happens?  I understand that disabling JavaScript isn't going to be a viable solution to the problem.  I am just suggesting it to diagnose the root of the leak.

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    It could just as well be the website(s) you're going to. Are you testing the same address and functionality on each machine? What happens if you idle on Google?

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    Nothing to do with what sites you have open in fact try it with a hello world site opened in multiple tabs or instances. Eventually the number of instances will top out around 12 to 20 windows depending on memory.

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    It happens to me. I created several website, often I open several tabs to work on them, one or twice everyday, I have to close all IE window to start a new process when it consumes around 400M memory, I can not just close tabs, even I close all tabs, as long as one IE window open, the memory usage will not go down.

    I have one site, which has a not complex homepage, but it have a ComponentArt rorator to show an image every 10 seconds or so, one night I have it open, the next morning I found the memory usage of iexplorer.exe goes to over 1G !  Well, I guess it is this site, but not sure, since I have several tabs open.

    I believe it could be js etc. but I don't know you have to plan your memory release like when you program under C++.

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    I am doing test under VISTA.

    I opened a IE 7 as a standalone process, opened the site I mentioned above which show image with CA rotator. the memory usage started from 40-50M, after 2 hours, it climbs to 170M.

    30 minutes after that window, I opened another IE 7 as standalone process, and I disabled all add-on on it, then open the same site, now the memory usage is around 160M, 

     The testing is still going, I can not paste image here.

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    Just notied your post. I'm a web developer and have been able to reproduce this in 4 machines:

    XP with SP2 and IE7 fresh installs.
    4GB dual channel 800 MZ memory

    Browser, when opened with multiple tabs gradually consumes more memory, then either failes to open new windows, or refuses to open hyperlinks.  This issue has never happened on IE6 or before, without having 10-12 seperate IE browsers open.  This frequently happens with just 3-4 tabs opened.  The PC does not run out of memory, the browser does.  This happens unpredictably, with 195MB or so of browser memory in use, or it occasionally eats up to 400 MB of memory.

    Since this did not happen on IE6-, this appears to be an IE7-centric issue.  I run accross this issue at least 10-20 times in the course of each day.

    Any patches or workarounds?
    Best regards,
    James Leahy

    Thank you for your replies to my message. It should be noted that this is an IE7-centric issue, not directly related to website types, or page types, or Javascript, or addons.  I was careful to be specific in the above post, as this has not been an issue until IE7.  This is the root of the issue, the other factors are symptoms.  A post directly addressing IE7 would be in the best position to address the core of this matter for developers and end users.

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