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Secure-LM or other license manager

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    I am looking for a cheap, and for me, that means sub $100 license manager so that I can make a program and have a 30 day demo. When the user pays and registers, they then get unlimited time. This will be for a C# (2005, perhaps 2007) program.
    The only thing I have found so far is EXE Sheild, but that doesn't work with .Net 2.0 or .Net 3.0. I am guessing Microsoft's Secure-LM will due the trick as well, but I haven't seen anything about pricing. I am guessing they may tell me when they call (for some reason they call for the free trial rather than email, I am not sure I am down with that). It looks like Secure-LM will be offering a obfuscator as well, which will also be needed, and yet another thing that is hard to find at the home hobbyist price level. I have seen stuff that encrypts then replaces the MSIL with native code, but those options cost even more.
    I saw a project on Code Project that gives a "Fingerprint Class" which can be used to make a uniqe machine code that can be used for licensing purposes, but without another program to generate unique keys, I don't think that will do me any good. I think that making my own license manager and obfuscator is kind of beyond me at this point in my programming skills.

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    we develop a licensing system for .net, its internet service/activation based so if this is not what you want its probably not for you, but if you sign up to the beta and provide feedback you get a fully functional FREE license, you can host the service yourself or you can have it hosted by us.

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