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.NET DLL consumed by Classic ASP?

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    is it possible to have a .NET DLL, run inside component services and be consumed in Classic ASP?

    If so, there must be some restriction on what Data types ASp will recognize?

    If I wanted to return some data to ASP (VB script) from a .NET library, how would I go about that?

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    The way to go about this is to have your .NET DLL wrapped by a COM Callable Wrapper (CCW) which can then be instantiated by a COM scripting language like the Jscript/VBScript in ASP.

    You do this by explicitly marking all your COM-exposed objects with the  [COMVisible] attribute and then registering it as a COM typelib using the RegAsm.exe command-line tool.

    There are a lot of caveats and things to watch for - COM Interop is a complex topic, and I recommend getting a good book - like Adam Nathan's interop bible - to know all the little corners - like how to expose COM interfaces, how to bind to events, and even why you should always define a custom Guid for each exposed class using the [GuidAttribute].

    Googling for COM Interop should net you a few overviews. It's too big to go into in a forum post. Smiley

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