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View Thread: Silverlight Rendering Speed vs WPF
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    I have to say, i'm seriously impressed with the speed of the software rendering in Silverlight. I dont know whether it's the time based animations or coding, but it really flies on my P4 2ghz.

    I'd be interested to know whether the renderer was the backend sliced out of the WPF software-only renderer, or whether it was developed specifically for the silverlight project.

    However, one thing does concern me. It actually seems faster than hardware accellerated WPF. To put it simply, software rendering in Silverlight seems a lot smoother and more responsive than hardware rendering on my DX9-compatible Geforce 6200. I know the 6200 is hardly top end, but surely those few hundred million transistors should provide some benefit? Or is it just bogged down by the layers of .NET that have to be traversed to reach the 3D hardware itself?.

    Don't get me wrong here, I truely believe WPF is an excellent platform, and is going to open up some seriously cool apps in a year or so, but slower than silverlight, in software?