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W2K Services :: Wiki'd?

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    I really need to find a resource to learn about Windows 2003's services.  Is it too much to ask to get something beyond the definitions inferred from the description of a given service?  There is some great information out there related to the services, but I need more!  This time, I'm keen to discover the hidden uses behind the Distributed Link Tracking services.  I understand what they *say* they do.  But what happens if I disable both services?  What possibilities are lost to me?  For those of you heading over to your Services interface to read the description, it basically states that the service is there to track NTFS files within your domain.  This allows you to move a file to a different NTFS volume in the domain while maintaining trackability by the countless clients using that file you just moved.

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    Read and Learn

    Also Read

    BTW, don't listen to anyone who posts a link to the "Black Viper" web site.

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    I'd have to agree with you on the Black Viper site.  Of course, he's gotten plenty of advertising from all the flaming.  Thanks for the links - they're just what the doctor ordered.  Who would have thought that Microsoft could have put together some truly meaningful documentation?

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