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    The following concerns NTBACKUP, the now fully deprecated tool, that has shipped with Windows since the days of Windows NT.  Scenario:  slow HDD of 120GB capacity is fully backed up using ASR Wizard.  And successfully restored to a pair of new, fast 300GB HDDs. 

    So, once ASR is finished restoring, one finds that ASR has formatted DRIVE 0 with one 120GB partition with everything in it and one enormous unallocated partition with nothing in it.  There is an unwritten rule in Windows XP that says you may not extend the partition that contains boot files and/or system files, which, of course, the 120GB partition contains.  Also, you may not extend a partition that is not DYNAMIC.  Also, you may not extend a partition that was ever a boot partition and was ever BASIC even though it is now DYNAMIC. 

    I wanted to partition DRIVE 0 as one 300GB partition, but NTBACKUP says no.  Windows XP says no.  Waahhhhh!  I wanted to mirror DRIVE 0 and DRIVE 1, but the parental units (Windows XP, NTBACKUP) say no, no, no.

    Apparently, the only way to do what I want to do with the software I have is to format DRIVE 0 and install Windows XP fresh.  Then install other software from installation media I may or may no longer own.  Then manually restore e-mail and address books.  And on and on.  The File Settings and Transfer Wizard having been relegated to the category of  something that MAY work or MAY NOT.