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Enabling Visual Styles for Windows.Forms Controls hosted by Explorer Bar ??

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     Hello All,

    I have created an Explorer Bar in VC++ that hosts Windows.Forms controls (.Net 2.0).

    The problem is that these controls do not render as WinXP style but as classic Windows Style.

    PS. If the same controls are hosted by .Net 2.0 Windows Application, they render correctly. 


    Did anyone encounter such a problem before and/or  figured out a solution?



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    Sven Groot

    Create a manifest indicating comctl32.dll v6 as usual and embed it into your DLL, but use resource id ISOLATIONAWARE_MANIFEST_RESOURCE_ID instead of the usual CREATEPROCESS_MANIFEST_RESOURCE_ID.

    If you add a manifest to a VC2005 DLL project it'll automatically be embedded this way.

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    Thanks for the info, however I have already done that and I got the following post-compilation error:
    Error 13 error PRJ0050: Failed to register output. Please ensure you have the appropriate permissions to modify the registry.

    When I remove (ISOLATIONAWARE_MANIFEST_RESOURCE_ID RT_MANIFEST "MyApp.manifest") from the resource file, it compiles again !!???

    Any idea will be appreciated.


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    I have been thinking about using Windows Vista but people tell me that these effects here are better than areo in Vista and are more stable and that it dosen't get viruses and stuff. Is this true?
    The people here told me:

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