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View Thread: IGNORE >>> FIXED - Windows CE 6.0 toolbox items disappearing act
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    We are having an issue with CE 6.0 Platform Builder in Visual Studio 2005. The toolbox items have totally disappeared. We have tried right clicking the toolbox and restoring it but that only restores 2 buttons, not the full set.

    Have you ever come across anything like this at all? If so any solutions found other than uninstalling CE6.0 and re-installing it. We've already tried repairing Visual Studio which seems to have done absolutely nothing to either help or hinder the issue.

    If we can't find the solution it looks like we may have to do another one of those rather looooong support calls that everyone knows and hates. Wink

    Any ideas would be appreciated!

    Fixed this by going to Documents & Settings/Username/Local Settings/Application Data/Microsoft/VisualStudio/8
    Deleted the 4 hidden toolbox files. 
    Re-started VS 2k5