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    I've been using WMP 10 for a few months. Recently I reinstalled XP with SP2. But now when I try to sync it with my MP3 Player, during the conversion to lower bitrate, I get 'Server threw an exception' error. Sometimes the conversion freezes.

    I googled a bit and I found few posts about this error on WMP Support Newsgroups page, but there was no reasonable solution.

    So I tried the System Restore, but it didn't help.

    So I reinstalled (!) XP (with SP2) again, installed WMP10 and a few necessary programs (Office, Antivirus, Firewall...).

    There was no problem. Great!

    But then I checked the 'Maintain folder hierarchy' option in Device Options and the problem was back Sad(( Damn.

    I tried the System Restore again, but that had no effect.

    Now I'm not able to convert my music to lower bitrates...

    Does anybody know any solution?

    Thanks (a lot) in advance.