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    Hi all,

    We are a monitoring service that periodiclly calls around to a whole list of remote devices using standard POTS (regular phone) lines  and retreives reading/sends commands thru a standard terminal session.

    As it stands now we have 2 dedicated lines running out of a server in the office that do the actual dialing around  (with all the standard modem schreeching etc... ).

    We would like to move all this to the web. For example - right now clients get their device reports either by fax or email at the end of the day and they call (or email ,fax) changes they want made

    We want to go "hi-tech" , we want clients to be able to login to a website and view their latest reports there - at the same time they should be able to change the device parameters and initiate a on demand call to the device to update the parameters - then 5 minutes later they log back in and they initiate a call to see what the effects of that param change were etc..

    We also need more phone lines for our automated calls etc...  So we decided that it would be best to move to the web.

    woooo. That was a long intro....  Anyways to the point:
    The plan is to  locate a server at a datacenter and use skype to conduct the calls.

    Are there any tapi-skype bridging components for .net