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Accessing MSDN forums from IE 7.0

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    I have some strange trouble acccessing MSDN forums from IE 7.0
     ( ).

    There is no problem at all in IE 6.0.

    Anyone know what the problem might be? I have added the forum site to trusted sites to see if that helped. It did not.

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    I've had quite a few problems with the forums lately (and a few other Live ID sites).

    At one point I couldn't open the forums at all, on several of my PCs. IE7 would just show me a white screen whilst continually "redirecting" back and forth between a few URLs.

    Another time I could get into the forums, but doing anything that related to me as a user (eg creating a post or viewing my threads) brought me to the "you have successfully signed out" page.

    On both occasions, finding the cookie for and deleting it fixed the problem.


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