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    Hi I was hoping maybe someone can help me out with an issue I've got on the network I have in my home, as I'm tearing my hair out over it and can't find an answer.

    I've got a popular router (Linksys BEFSX41) and the house is wired by myself using CAT5 + Belkin boxes.

    The problem is I try to transfer files from one PC to another and I get a maximum speed of around 500 kb/sec. I know this is the speed as I tried it out using a light web server. This is actually seems faster than using explorer to copy.

    Both PCs have their NICs enabled with full duplex 100 BaseT. The router is also 100 baseT. I can't imagine my wiring would bring the speed down, and the router has all its firewall options turned off and both PCs have their firewalls switched off (not normally, but for the speed tests).

    I would expect to be copying files on a 100 mbit network at atleast 1 megabytes a second, but as there's no congestion I can't see why it wouldn't be 10 meg.

    Has anyone got any suggestions on what the problem could be? Could my amateur wiring be to blame?! As far as I know if the network is badly wired it just won't get any connection rather than slowing it down. I know some of the faceplates are a bit loose from DIY work that's happened around them.