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Media Restore Pack for Vista NSKU 64-bit

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    The NSKUs of Windows Vista are shipped without Windows Media Player 11, and without any ability to install it even if you want it. Earlier this year Microsoft released the NSKU Media Restore Pack, which restored media capability to the N editions of Windows Vista. This update was provided through Windows Update, and was only avaliable to 32-bit versions of Vista N.

    Does anyone know when an update will be provided for 64-bit versions of Vista N?

    I'm beginning to worry that they will never release it, and working without it is extremly difficult. It's not that I miss Windows Media Player, the problem is that a lot of the programs I use need Media Player files to run properly.

    Also, since I doubt anyone can tell me when a 64-bit version of the restore pack will be released, does anyone have any ideas for a work around to get it installed without a restore pack?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Heh, seems they did create a 64-bit version. After fiddling about a bit trying to install the XP version of Media Player onto Vista, Vista registered the fact that the installation wouldn't work and went to the update servers and pulled down the NSKU restore pack.

    So for someone reading this a few months down the line: Attempt to install "Media Player 11 for XP", this will trigger the Media Restore Pack update.

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