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    Custa1200 wrote:
    Why would you even use the dodgy MS only CSS hacks? Why do you need to use them on a transparent image when it now works in > 50% of the worlds browsers, which makes me think that there is probably 50% of Windows users who cannot upgrade to IE7 due to non WGA machines???

    If it is to handle the PNG's in IE6 and below why not use conditionals to link to < 7 versions of IE specific CSS files?

    The app in question does not support any version of IE less than 7, so just getting PNGs to work in 6 is not the issue, it's applying an additional opacity filter across the entire image (in Firefox, Safari, or Opera, this would be the effect achieved by applying the opacity CSS property to an alpha-transparent image).

    I use the dodgy Microsoft-only CSS hacks because I want to deliver the best experience I can to the users of the app, including the ones who use IE.

    That said, I've continued searching online for a solution to the problem, and even though many people seem to have run into it, nobody seems to have found a way to pull it off, with some people going so far as to say it isn't possible. I really hope it's possible, because I really don't want to deliver a limited experience to IE users. So, anyone know of a way to do it?