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Visual Studio .NET 2003 Debugger - Not working?

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    Im using MS Visual Studio .NET 2003.  Frequently when debugging (i normally debug Web Apps by setting Debug | Process on w3wp.exe)  breaking one a line and hovering over a variable (or within the Watch window) the value is "error" or "<has no runtime value>".  The only way for me to display the variable/object contents is to use System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine().

    Is this a known bug with VS?  Is there a solution to consistently obtaining my varaible values when debugging?  I only has the Visual Assist .NET add-on installed.


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    There's debugging attributes - DebuggerDisplay (but maybe that's only available in .NET 2.0, I can't recall, sorry) you can use to display things in the watch window when debugging.

    One other thing that might be causing your problem is that you are actually debugging a different version of the assembly - check your Modules window and make sure it's getting the right assemblies; if you have installed an assembly in the GAC and have a local version that's out of sync for instance, the symbols won't match up with the executing code, and you'll get unexpected results, but usually that's apparent my the code breaking or stepping through "invisible" lines of code ... so I am not sure if that's your problem.

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