lagu26537 wrote:
No I'm using VS 2005. The only thing in server explorer is an item at the top that says "Data Connections". If I right click it and choose "Add connection" a window with the title "Choose Data Source" pops up. In that window there are 6 SQL servers and an <other> item.

Hmm ... which version of VS 2005 are you using?  It should be there AFAIK, maybe it's an optional component to install?

You can do it without the tool - but you have to write a little bit more code.  Take a look at this documentation:">, in there you'll find a lot of information about it and especially at"> where there's a sample of a query ... you want to "SELECT * FROM Win32_COMSetting WHERE ComponentId=yourGUID"

Win32_ComSetting is documented here: