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    PerfectPhase wrote:
    Just write a SQL-CLR function and call that Smiley

    Hahahaha. Certainly that would be the best choice in the present day.

    People forget about fundamentals and what it was like walking uphill both ways to school. They other day I was talking with a friend about a UDF I had dropped into a database for an old client that performed a RegEx search pretty similar to Ken Henderson's sample here and he was baffled by my approach.

    I forgot to add it was SQL Server 2000 base being accessed by a classic ASP request. I thought I read an article this week or last (I want to say it was by Rob Conery) about how we are now at a point where a lot of people only know .NET already. The concept and clunkiness of old school approaches are now foreign. I think that is good and bad, personally.