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View Thread: Boo now running on Java, coding in Eclipse
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    Andrew Davey wrote:

    Good job Microsoft Dev Div people - You seemed to have ignored Boo enough to mean the developers of it are now heading in the JVM direction!

    Whilst I'm all for Boo running on the JVM and .NET, what sucks is that I prefer .NET (BCL and runtime) way more than Java offerings.
    The real kicker is that Eclipse integration for Boo means there is now a great IDE for it (sorry but SharpDevelop doesn't cut it).

    Boo is a great language. If people want to start playing with it then they will probably go for the nicest experience i.e. Eclipse.
    This means they'll be targeting Java. So we will have lost an amazing .NET language to Java!

    Sad times. Sad

    For goodness sake get someone thinking about bringing Boo into the warm and fuzzy world of Visual Studio. PLEASE!

    I don't get it.  Microsoft has no affiliation with Boo at all.  Why should they "bring it into the warm and fuzzy world ov Visual Studio"?  The Boo folks can do that themselves.  If they don't care to, then that's their choice and why should anyone care?  And if you do care, why don't you do the effort?

    There are many languages that target the .NET environment that Microsoft has no affiliation with.  Should Microsoft waste their time bringing all of these languages into Visual Studio?  I really don't think so.

    And targeting both runtimes is not anything new, either.  Scala targets both the JVM and the CLR, for instance.  I haven't read the articles you linked to yet, but is Boo seriously considering a complete switch to the JVM, or are they planning to target both runtimes?  If it's the latter, there's even less reason for anyone to care.