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    Can't say really, Although several groups within MS use OCaml and some even actually use F#.

    The main thing is that F# is a functional language, and was the basis for implementing Generics into the Framework.

    Guessing that it will be used to  make a class of functional languages fully usable.

    Wish they would work to support erlang in that also, light weight threads is needed in the framework. would allow for another way to solve the concurrency issues among other benefits.

    now don't get me wrong I like Boo, and a few other languages that are skunk works projects. and wish they got some love. But I am also a realist, understand how business works.

    For Boo, I would work with MS to get the DLR to a state that the dynamic aspects are fully supported.

    on the VSIP program yell scream kindly ask that the issues with extending VS be resolved. especially in adding new languages. now that it is free to use Smiley