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View Thread: Boo now running on Java, coding in Eclipse
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    Well when I read the announcements from Bamboozled (which is the lead developer btw)

    He announced that on a challenge from a user that wouldn't use Boo unless it combiled to Java byte code.

    So he used Ikvm to do so and it worked. and took it one step further and tested writeing an add in to eclipse in Boo and that worked.

    So I don't see it as a big deal. ANTLR the program used to write the parser and tree structure for BOO is a Java program. I am personally surprised it took this long for it show up as being compiled to Java byte code.

    with vs 2k8 should be easier to implement in the vs family.

    couple of corrections.  Jim did a proof of concept and made IronPython to show that a dynamic language couldn't be supported in the clr. was proved wrong and carried on improving IP. He was hired on by MS to improve dynamic language support in the clr. IronPython already existed at that time.

    I personally wish Boo had a higher install base of programmers. it  would then make sense to bring it in as a base language. As such it unfortantly doesn't.

    Boo and Nemeral are two of the interesting languages.