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Recording options in VSTS

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    Hi all

    How can change the recording options in VSTS tool while recording a web application..

    I am recording an web page.
    I want it to record only the url "i dont want the vsts to record the gif,images"

    hw can i do this 

    can we edit the tool and do some recording options(changes) as to ingnore recording the images as the seperate URL

    If so please help me to do so

    Thanks in advance..

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    I don't understand this question to. Can you perhaps rephrase it?

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    wtf Perplexed

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    Record the webtest, the click on the request (url) in the webtest designer and in the properties window there is a property called 'Parse Dependent Request'.  Set this to false and things like links and images are not parsed ore requested.  I don't think you can disable it globally for a test.

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