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View Thread: Lead Developers! Where's the Love?
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    I think he's referring to a similar situation I run into all of the time.

    I'm in a smaller organization and the PMs who bring requirements in are  extremely removed from the technologies we're using and not as involved with the customers as they should be. When a customer requirement comes in, most often they are extremely vague and it requires a good amount of knowledge work to turn that into a working requirement that can then be translated into a program specification.

    The average developer is simply not going to have the experience to handle that kind of activity while being able to keep the overall business context in view. I'm the resident Rock Star, simply because I'll invest the energy to take ownership of vagueness and turn it into tangable work items. Go Lead Developer!

    On a side note, and in case someone that directs a team of developers might be reading, calling a developer a Rock Star is so insanely insulting because it usually follows an all nighter sprint or weekend sprint and replaces the Kudos they've earned. Especially since you know that it wasn't a one time thing! Just show them appriciation.