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Dialog box off the screen

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    I'm using an enhanced notepad app that has a find feature. However, when I go to bring up the Find window/dialog box, it does not appear on the screen.

    I recently changed the settings of my monitors, and I'm guessing the box is off the visible screen. But it doesn't come up in the task-bar. I tried organizing windows and that didn't help either.

    Any thoughts on how to find my missing window?

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    As a quick work-around, I switched the screens back around (in display properties) and then the dialog box appeared. (It must be set by setting X pixels from the center of the main screen.)

    I moved it to the main screen, and set my screens back the way I want.

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    if it happens again, you can always use the "move" option on the window menu. heres what I do:

    window is off screen, but is the active window (has focus)

    hit alt+space which opens the window menu

    down arrow once and hit enter to choose "move"

    any arrow key once to start the move (if you try with the mouse it doesn't seem to work)

    after the arrow key, the mouse should be "tied" to the window, just drag it out and click where you want the window.

    Of course this only works with windows that have a window menu, and some apps change that menu, but for most this will get your stuff where you can see it.

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    This is a windows issue. This holds true for any program. Windows is not aware of which monitor the app is running on or the info is not propagated in standard windows form calls.

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    It might be a windows issue, but applications should check before 'showing' a window off-screen. It's not that difficult. I've written some code to show a window at a certain location, but if the window is not entirely on 1 screen, the window will be moved within the bounds of the screen most of its surface is on.

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    Can you share the snippet? I am interested in having that in my tool bag.

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    This happens to me sometimes with Huey which saves screen positions in an ini file. Sometimes it's difficult to get to the alt+space move command. Check for a config if that doesn't work.

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