SecretSoftware wrote:
Well i just discovered that this bug existed back since Beta 1 of Orcas.

The fix for it exists in the Installation DVD, however the installer never invokes the update. So you kind of have to do it manually.

You cannot build any application because of the missing alink.dll.

So to fix.

Install these msu files that are located off of the install image in


  • Windows6.0-KB110806-x86.msu
  • Windows6.0-KB929300-x86.msu
  • Windows6.0-kb930264-x86.msu

Everything worked fine afterwards

They might have different names, but the KB #s are the same.


I had also trouble with these patches. Actually they are installed while the setup process, but sometime they don't. Check your event log and you will find related errors. In my case no of the Designer works. (WinForms, WPF).