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View Thread: VS2008: Linq to Sql Show stopper? [C#: Resolved]
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    PeterF wrote:

    Is it always stopping at the same stored procedure?

    No. Sometimes, if you clear the design surface, and readd them one by one, only the first one you add gets coded in the xx.designer.cs file.

    The weird thing is that in the designer it shows as added, with method signature, but not in the cs file. The autogen tool is not working.

    PeterF wrote:

    List the stored procedures so people can repro it.

    I cant list them.

    This happens when you try to run custom tool.

    Error    1    Build failed due to validation errors in C:\Users\xxx\Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Projects\...\XXDb.dbml.  Open the file and resolve the issues in the Error List, then try rebuilding the project.  

    Error    2    Required file 'alink.dll with IAlink3' could not be found    xxx

    Error    3    Could not load type 'System.ComponentModel.PropertyChangingEventArgs' from assembly 'System, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=xxxxxxxxxxxx'.        0    0 

    xx = to hide private data.

    This really is annoying. Its happening at randomal drag and drops.

    sometimes it works , sometimes it does not.

    Not SP specific.