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    Yea use something out of a package as your base

    Make a lookup table for error codes in standard form like:

    Event[0001]: <bLandon> Loggged in.

    Then have a lookup table:
    Code   Desc    Type
    0001 - Log in - N

    Then a Action Table:

    ID Desc      Command
    N No Action NULL

    Then you can have a command interpreter that does nothing on NULL and does other things when something else is passed in Like:

    You could even get as fancy as making powershell commandlets and make the command field contain power shell code. See last months MSDN magazine for more on building custom comandlets.

    You could then have shell session going that has as limited a command set as you want.

    That way its a database change to change actionable items to other actions or do nothing events or errors.

    Hope this gives you some ideas.