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Is it possible to compile a dtsx package on the command line?

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    If you have worked with SSIS/DTS packages with MS SQL Server 2005 Standard and VS 2005, you may be familar with the XML based format.

    The odd part about this format is the BinaryItem element. This contains the compiled version of the package.

    If you have this file under source control, this makes merging a pain. I was hoping to remove the BinaryItem element and check it in that way. And as a build step, run a command line that compiles the package.

    The trick is that this package doesn't compile until you open it in the GUI editor.

    Also I want the build server to assign a version number and I don't want to have to use the GUI manually to compile the package.

    So I'm looking for a command line compiler.

    Any guru out there familar with this stuff?

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    I may just end up using a fixed DLL version and the build number can go into the file version field.

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    hello tgraupmann,

    Have you get an answer for your question. If yes, can you share it pliz.

    Thks in advance

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