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    I think there are some guys on Channel9 forums who know much more about IT security than me, so I would like to ask a few questions here.

    I have a Windows XP Home Edition computer with SP2. The Windows firewall is active and I even set it to block exceptions. I have installed a NOD32 antivirus software and Spyware Doctor from Google Pack. I run full scans with them regualry, plus sometimes I scan the system with Nessus and Microsoft Security Baseline Analyzer.
    As you can see, my system is quite well covered... BUT:
    I use IE7 and OutLook Express and (according to Secunia) they both have unpatched security holes.
    My question is: is it safe to use them? Or using them makes all my security precaution useless and my system can be corrupted by some malicious code?

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    Do you have all the latest update

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    You can run the test featured at this link to see in you are vulnerable:

    Generally I would say, never trust a popup window, and always be on the look out for spoofing.

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    The Secunia reports sometimes have recommendations for how to use "at risk" applications without putting yourself at risk, e.g., disabling JavaScript and ActiveX controls in IE, turning off the MHTML handler, etc.

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    IE7 and Outlook Express are quite safe if you update the Windows OS with latest patches from time to time. This is important as Windows OS is very popular OS and there are many new security holes discovered from time to time.

    Also don't forget to update the signature file on antivirus and anti-spyware softwares and scan you computer from time to time.

    Here are more links to help you:

    Securing Your Web Browser from CERT

    Adjust your Outlook Express Security Settings

    Hope helps..

    Big Smile
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