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    The main issue I have with the main panel, is that it's just too fussy. This is the number one problem that I have with WPF, WPF/E at the moment.

    I am presented with 20 odd images and I need to decipher what each image pertains to. If this was a website based on fruits and I have an image of an apple, an orange and a banana, it's intelligible. The traditional File menu in winforms or menu in ASP.NET makes it immediately apparent where everything is. Office 2007 type Tooltips would be great for the on mouseover events as they would have more information. If I found a video I like and didn't bookmark it, I would have to go through all the vids again to try and find the one which I wanted.

    What happens if I try to search for a video? No search options. From an accessibility point of view, my rather blind uncle would never be able to use this type of site. It's simply unusable. Don't get me wrong I am an absolute wpf exponent. It's just that there is way to much experimentation going on, and not enough subtelty.

    The best of the best WPF sites will have subtelty as the key factor that they master. Intuitiveness coupled with subtelty (plus the WOW).

    I love the colours though, and the fact that the page size is minute.