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    Rowan wrote:
    rhm wrote:
    I'd give it a look, but Silverlight 1.0 still doesn't work in FF2. It wouldn't be so annoying if it wasn't that the web page claims that it does when it blatantly doesn't - I've tried running the installer about 10 times now, re-downloaded, rebooted, everything.

    Do you have Adblock?

    The page also doesn't work in Firefox 3 due to browser sniffing in Silverlight.js.

    I have Adblock (v.5) and am viewing it from Firefox ( on Vista (Ultimate, RTM, no SP1 RC) with Silverlight (1.0.21115.0) and it all mainly works.

    AdamKinney wrote:

    I've updated the site changing the rollover effect to a sliding, scaling highlight that should appear much smoother.  I moved the event handler from the underlying silverlight object up to the html div avoiding the windowless plugin differences.

    I've also updated the hover shapes on the starting image to match the screenshots below.  I changed from a solid brush to a gradient brush as well.  It doesn't look so much like a tracing sheet of paper on top of the image now.

    Yay! Thank you. Since you're updating it anyway, can you make the videos' fullscreen? Tongue Out Cheers.