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View Thread: Zune 30 Audio Trouble
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    bjklabs wrote:
    My zune 30 sounds like the vocals are using an echo or reverb fx through ear buds - it is VERY annoying.  It sounds fine when the zune is hooked to my stereo (??!!). 

    I have tried all file types and bit rates has no effect.  

    I have tried 7 different ear pieces ranging from $9 - $100.

    I have loaded the new firmware twice.  

    I have reset the machine dozens if times. 

    I have tried various eq settings with the same results.

    The radio sounds GREAT with all earbuds (??!!).

    THe video sounds TERRIBLE - like the music.

    If it is insturmental it sounds good - that makes me think it is a DSP issue.  

    In all cases it sounds great through the stereo - that makes my think it is an output impedance issue (I find that hard to believe especially when the radio sounds fine.)

    OK - suggestions???


    You say you have loaded the new firmware twice. So it has been upgraded to
    ver 2.3(1145)
    bootloader 1040
    Xldr 2.2.1040.0

    This is what my Zune shows, assuming this to be the latest upgrade.

    But you also say, "I have tried various eq settings with the same results"...
    But I have read that the Eq settings are not present after the upgarde for Zune 30 ( As new Zune , Zune ver2 does not come with EQ)

    Are you still getting Eq settings for your Zune 30 even after upgrade ?