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View Thread: Zune 30 Audio Trouble
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    Minh wrote:
    bjklabs wrote:

    How do you go back to 1.4?  After I do a hard reset (to wipe it) the zune software pops up and installs 2.3.  I don't get a choice


    It's rather technical, but here are the instructions. I was able to downgrade to 1.4, but it didn't fix my audio problem.

    And here is my original thread. No solution though. Anyone want to buy a crappy Zune?

    The weird thing is when I pipe the Zune output to the sound card's line-in, everything sounds perfectly. I think it may have something to do w/ the Zune's headphone detection do-hicky. An unnecessary point of failure, MS?

    How can it tell? It's an identical jack...

    And how much you selling it for? If I could get it to work I'd bet you'd be annoyed Tongue Out