Vasudev wrote:

Are you still getting Eq settings for your Zune 30 even after upgrade ?
Yes. My Zune 30 firmware 2.2 (I'll check to see how it is on 2.3) still has EQ.

Lloyd_Humph wrote:

And how much you selling it for? If I could get it to work I'd bet you'd be annoyed Tongue Out

Well, at this point, I just want something so I can b!tch & moan to MS about Smiley

Zune firmware is now 2.3, and still sounds messed up. My Zune sounds horrible. (Google, go at it)

I seems to have something to do w/ the format. I convert an MP3 to MONO, and Zune played it just fine (except for the missing stereo).

So it would seems that the Zune can't play stereo MP3s. Buyers beware!