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    retierney wrote:

    Hi everyone!

    I am a programmer by trade and I program exclusively on UNIX.  Well, actually I do Level 3 support and some programming.  I am trying to transfer into R&D so that I can do programming fulltime.  My manger is cool with that but we don't see it happening in the forseeable future.  (Years)

    I play with my home computer a lot and I decided that I want to teach myself Windows XP programming.  I want to learn how to do all kinds of things, the basics first then onward and upward.  I want to learn how to create rich, snazzy GUI's.  I currently have Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Professional installed on my computer.

    I'd like to program in C++ but I'm willing and able to learn something else.

    I kindly request from the community the following:

    - What development environment do I want?
    - What language do I want to use?
    - A list of books?
    - General advice?

    Basically, work sucks and I want to program, dang-it.  Given my age, salary and benefits, a new job is not an option, but boy I can dream.

    Thank you very much!

    a few words:

    if your current laptop / desktop is running XP and is more than say 1 year old then look at getting any recent laptops that can run Vista.

    if your UNIX background and goals and funds match then perhaps a MacBook Pro ??  you can load bootcamp on the mac side and then load vista on a partition and you can then work with Mac and Vista and do some UNIX stuff.

    also learn C# and I'd also install Mono on the mac side.

    then you can do C# for UNIX with Mono and C# on windows.

    also "why Vista" :

    for one thing Vista wants apps written right, you know how you use SUDO and SU on UNIX?  well vista now enforces the "normal user" mode....

    a ton of XP and before apps on windows were written by coders running 'as root' and when you run them as a "normal user" they freak out... thus many of the anti-vista things you may hear are really the crappy developers fault for expecting apps to run with root access to the folders they should not be in.

    so if you write on Vista and make an xp compatable app you will be looking good for both xp and vista.

    WPF is cool but for the best spread of client pc's use default windows forms.