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Windows Mobile programming help

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    Hi, I'm .net c# app developer and new to the Windows mobile programming.
    I want to develop a language input program. I just want to get a general idea how possible it is to develop such a app.
    Let's assume that language is Japanes that you want to input on a smartphone(A Blackberry with WM5 or 6) that you bought in US.
    I believe you can read Japanese on the smartphone by replacing the wince.nls file and do some registry tweaks.
    And for the input part, my application will take care of. So when you install the japanese input applicaiton, you will be able to switch between English and Japanese input, just like IME mode you select on windows xp and that allows you to input japanese or english in any application where keboard input is allowed.
    This is a smart phone, so let's assume that you've got the QWERTY keboard input on the phone.

    1. How easy and possible is this?
    2. Managed code(C#) or C++ for program this?
    3. What libraries should I use? IMM, IME,,, ?
    4. Any resources and samples on the web? Does the "Windows Mobile developers" WIKI has the information? I couldn't find it.

    Please help, or at least give me a starting point and direction for this app.

    Best regards,

    John C

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    I'm going to say that you're going to need native code, because doing something this big will require more APIs and direct access to the device than .NET has.

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    Thanks for that link.
    Yep, I thought this would be big proj,
    Doesn't matter how long it takes, even in native programming, I'd like to do it as long as it is possible.
    I'll check out the link.

    If anybody else can guide me more specific way or has experience in this area, please help,


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    Doesn't Sven have something similar in the sandbox?

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    Sven Groot

    Lloyd_Humph wrote:
    Doesn't Sven have something similar in the sandbox?

    I have pretty much exactly that:

    You will need C++ for something like this. Soft Input Panels are COM objects, and the .Net Compact Framework does not allow you to build COM objects (the regular desktop .Net Framework does have this ability).

    EDIT: Upon re-reading your post I noticed you're talking about smartphones. Smartphones don't have a touch screen and don't have Soft Input Panels. Therefore my own Japanese Input only works on Pocket PCs and not Smartphones.

    On a smartphone you would have to take an approach similar to the IME in Windows XP that allows you to type romaji and then convert it to Japanese. If you want only kana, that's easy. If you want kanji, you're going to need to have a dictionary for kana->kanji conversion and correctly handle verb conjugations etc. which would be very hard.

    If and how you would be able to get something like that to work with regular applications on a smartphone I don't know.

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