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View Thread: 4 gigs of ram slower than 2 gigs of ram??
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    I did some testing on my own here. The good news for me is the part numbers are identical and the picture of the box with the part number on their site shows a part of the part number "16"fd5 but i received "8fe5" The other longer part numbers are identical on the box.

    Here are my results from my tests using memtes86 v3.4a

    Reference here is "old chips" meaning ones i bought from somewhere else 1 month ago. "New chips" meaning ones i bought from ncix couple days ago.

    2 old chips in slot 1 and slot 3 5006mb/s

    2 new chips in slot 1 and slot 3 4600mb/s

    New chips from i bought them from) have 8 chips per stick

    Old chips from other place has 16 chips per stick.

    1 new chip slot 1 3473 mb/s

    1 old chip slot 1 3908 mb/s

    all 4 slots taken old,new,old,new 3487mb/s

    These are on stock settings 1066mhz 5-5-5-15 2.2v

    What do you think?