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View Thread: 4 gigs of ram slower than 2 gigs of ram??
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    mykemyk2008 wrote:
    So even though they are the same company, ram, speed, timings and size but they only have 8 chips instead of 16 chips on the sticks it means they arent identical and wont run properly??? I mean thats pretty much a scam. There is not other way to find out that they have 8 chips instead of 16 chips when you buy them

    At the bottom of page 16, in the manual I linked to earlier:
    When memory modules of different capacity and chips are installed, a message which says memory is operating in Flex Memory Mode will appear during the POST. IntelĀ® Flex Memory Technology offers greater flexibility to upgrade by allowing different memory sizes to be populated and remain in Dual Channel mode/performance.
    POST is an acroymn for Power On Self Tests - the 'black screens' you see during a power up, before starting Windows.

    As for whether this is a scam or not, only if they made the claim, which I think you'll find they did not (otherwise they would have been sued already). I am not a laywer (IANAL), BUT IF the new modules have exactly the same part numbers, you might have a claim against them. At the very least, a no cost refund.

    If you want the details of what this Flex Memory Mode does in terms of performance, then that would probably be described in the P35 chipset documentation, from Intel.

    From what you've described, I probably wouldn't worry about it, unless you have a genuine (not member measuring) need. But it's your money, and if they've been dishonest, go after 'em.