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View Thread: 4 gigs of ram slower than 2 gigs of ram??
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    mykemyk2008 wrote:
    Hi guys thanks for the replies. I use cpu-z already and my timings are what they are supposed to be and all ram sticks are identical. I am running in dual channel. CPU-z says my DC Mode is Symmetric (not sure what that means). CPU-z also has a bug with 8500 ram stating that its 6400 ram but i do infact have 8500 ram. So what should be my first step. I was kind of unclear as to what to do/try. It cant have anything to do with the page file right? Could it be my motherboard doesnt like 4 gigs?

    It's quite possible that whatever memory location CPU-z is using to determine your ram type is also fooling your motherboard into thinking you have slower ram.

    Make sure you have the latest mobo drivers and BIOS to be sure.

    Your boot up screen will tell you how much ram the motherboard believes you have, so as long as it shows 4 gig, you shouldn't have a problem with the motherboard not recognizing all 4 gig. 

    That said, I'd rather have 4 gig of ram and lose some ram speed than have 2 gig of faster ram.  I'm not saying you shouldn't try to figure out the problem, but even if you can't you'll notice a better response from the system.
    mykemyk2008 wrote:

    EDIT: WOW at the first set i bought and then i compared one old ram stick to one new ram stick and it looks like its missing one complete side of ram. Like i have a 8 ram chips on one side of the stick and 8 on the other side of the stick both sides covered by the heatspreaders. On my new ones it appears to only have 8 chips on one side and none on the other side. The stick is not as thick either. So i took out the old ones and put in the new ones and it still says im running 2gigs. But how can this be??? There are defintely not the same amount of chips on them.

    If you have good eyesight or get out a magnifying glass, you'll see that the words on the chips are different, too.  It is likely that the newer chips have put twice the ram in each chip.  Technology is like that Smiley

    But, that means that you don't, in fact, have 4 identical ram sticks. 

    You should also read your manual and look for a section that describes which memory slots need to be paired in order for the memory to work in dual-channel mode.  If you don't do this right, then you won't get the advantage of the dual channel.  The sticks can't just have the same specs, they have to be identical.

    Edit: I didn't type what I meant.