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View Thread: VS 2008 - writing code is hella slow?
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    modi123 wrote:

    I just installed VS 2008 at work, opened up a project I was just working on in 2005 and I noticed a significant slowdown in my ability to crank out code.  would it be the intellisense that is doing this?  Is there a way to turn off the intellisense's filter? 

    Specifically I was typing out a variable declaration in a function.  

             dim variable_name as decimal = me.header(0).column name

    I am getting about a 7 to 10 second lag for that text to show up, but a bunch of flickering from the intellisense windows briefly showing up and disappearing.

    Anyone else getting this problem?  Any fixes to make writing code as fast as 2005?

    Thanks in advance…

    (Oh lookie, my function I wrote up before posting this just appeared in my code.. yeppie!)

    Hi modi123,

    I believe you are running into the following issue:
    A fix will be included in SP1 and will be linked from the KB article once available.

    In the meantime, there is a workaround. Please turn off the option to "Generate XML documentation file". Here are instructions to find that option:
    - Double-click "My Project" in Solution Explorer.
    - Navigate to the "Compile" tab of the App Designer that appears.
    - Go to the bottom of the page and un-check the option.

    Please let me know if that solves your issue.

    Lisa Feigenbaum
    VB IDE Program Manager