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View Thread: using a Managed DLL from an unmanaged one?
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    performance wise i will need it to be able to pass about 100 3d vector structures (x,y,z) floats a second, which is a pretty low requirement. The data will most likely be fed through in a fifo type queue.

    The plugin will take in data from the maya ui (in the form of a text string or a wav file--probably still just a text string), and communicate with the C# code, then feed the result back to maya as new vertex points for parts of the model - the plugin has to interpret this data from a proprietary xml format.

    After speaking to the project lead, I think I am first going to ensure i can interact with maya through unmanaged c++, then i will most likely develop a wrapper for managed access.

    maya comes with a VS wizard that creates a C++ project for a maya plugin, at this point i am not certain what vector it specifically uses to communicate as that functionality is wrapped in a seperate set of macros.

    The other problem is that the project targets .NET 1.1... and i don't have access to 2003 at home, but they might migrate to 2.0... i'll figure it out, but old tutorials are good, for now Smiley