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View Thread: using a Managed DLL from an unmanaged one?
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    Verdant wrote:
    found this article that seems to describe the process i need to use, ugh looks like a lot of steps

    I've not read the article, but from the date of it, it's old, pre-2005. They changed the way the C++ managed/unmanaged stuff works with 2005. So unless your using 2003 or 2002, then I probably would take too much notice of that article.

    Having said that, I've only done trivial Managed C++ stuff,  and did not have to resort to anything spectacular. Though, I did have to create proxies for most things, like data structures, etc.

    A few of those proxies were probably unnecessary, as the builtin marshalling stuff is quite extensive. But I found it harder to get up-to-speed with the marshaling stuff than it was to hand-roll my own proxies. You mileage may vary...

    After breakfast (and catching up on the new Ch9 videos), I'll see if I have some time, and do a little sleuthing (it's morning over here...)