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ClickOnce is (officially) in Express!

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    ClickOnce support is in Visual Studio 2005 Express edition!

    Man it's been hard waiting to tell you guys. We didn't water it down either, you get the everything the higher SKUs get*!

    * I reserve the right to be proven wrong.

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    Sampy I hope you'll excuse my ignorance of Click Once (I have indeed been living under a rock for a while) but it looks like JNLP. Is this, essentially, the functionality it provides?

    I found a site talking about CO and it didn't appear to have made a huge impact on this guy (although it is a year old) -

    I also found this link but one line in particular worried me a little wrote:

    When the user clicks the link on a Web page or in an e-mail, the application files are downloaded to the user's machine and executed.

    Is this Marketing speak (i.e. missing out key technical requirements - like signing) or is it how it will work?

    Thanks for being understanding ..

    EDIT: Woah read a bit further and it said this

    The application then executes with the CAS security context determined by the location of the deployment server, such as the Internet or Local Intranet zone.

    I am a little less worried now.

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    You don't run based on zone. The application comes with a manifest with the list of the permissions the app wants. That is then compared to the zone that the app comes from to see if the app is allowed to 1) just run, 2) prompt the user, or 3) blocked.

    In this tech preview (and from now on) you can sign your app's manifests with an Authenticode cert to move your app from blocked to prompt or from prompt to just run.

    For those of you worried about security, an app that comes from the internet and asks for more permissions than the internet zone allows is blocked completely unless it is signed by a valid Authenticode cert (which costs about $200 a year). The default is secure.

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    Thanks for the clarification.

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    Great! That's cool. I'll try it tomorrow.

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