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View Thread: Vista - Sudden Intermittent Loss of Internet - Requires Reboot
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    a !

    Talk about the power of give and take in forums

    None of the other forums had been able to determine the cause of this problem and how to fix it

    It appears that Microsoft does have a hotfix -

    But ironically - after reading the comment about Turning off Internet Sharing...


    Which means it did not require a reboot

    Wished this post had been made a year ago - would have saved months of trouble

    Microsoft did release a hotfix and the problem may be solved in SP1

    Hopefully, this forum thread will be spidered heavily by search engines. It would be great if others were able to discover this solution.  Too bad about the nasty comments - everyone will have to read through them to get the answer, if theyaren't turned off.

    Go to Start menu

    Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections

    Local Area Network Connection/Properties/Sharing

    then click the turn off Internet Connection Sharing