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View Thread: Re-installing Windows XP onto a second hard drive
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    Doctor Who

    I’ve got an old PC, which has a failing C: drive in it.  This PC has only 512 MB of RAM, and it is expensive RAM so I don’t want to upgrade to 1 GB.  It also has a second hard drive, as the D: drive, which works fine.  I am thinking of installing XP Pro onto the D: drive.  What I’m wondering about is will there be a problem making this the primary drive, especially if the C: drive fails me completely?  I believe there is a file called BOOT.INI which lists the hard drives and which one is the primary drive, etc.  My guess is that BOOT.INI is on the C: drive.  If C: fails, then won’t that make it impossible for the machine to know which is the correct boot drive?