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Hooking up runtime compiled generic delegates

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    OK so i've been bashing my head on this one all day and its doing my nut in...

    I need to compile a predicate(of t) at runtime, then use it.

    I can compile the code at runtime easily enough, the problem I have is then extracting the delegate.

    If I use a non-generic delegate, it works. If I try to use a predicate(of t) it doesnt, complaining that it can not load the assembly - however the assembly it complains it can not load is not the runtime compiled one, its the assembly i am trying to use to call it with.

    Anyone have a cluse if this is possible?

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    I figured it out. The signiture of the predicate i was compiling was wrong. I was doing;

    public function DynamicPredicate(of t as TheType)(item as TheType) as boolean

    Whereas what I wanted was;

    public function DynamicPredicate(item as TheType) as boolean

    And now it works.

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