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    dentaku wrote:
    I've been wondering if anyone has ever seen software that works kind of like Adobe Acrobat but instead of creating a .PDF it just sends the print job to whatever is the default printer is on that machine?
    I know it sounds weird but here's why I want to do this.

    I recently came across an older Toshiba laser printer/ photocopier that doesn't have Vista PCL6 drivers and I was thinking there must be a way around it.

    The printer is connected to an XP machine that's on the network and everyone in the building uses it except for the one Vista machine because of the lack of drivers.

    If I could install something like I described on the top of this post on the XP machine and share it on the network then the Vista machine could send the print job to this "fake printer" and then it would be sent the the default printer by the XP machine.

    That would be extremely useful but I haven't found anything simple like that yet.
    Maybe it can be done with GhostScript but it seems like a mess.

    Not sure if this will work out but it might...

    when SQL 2000 Report Services first came out they did not have a very good printing support.

    I messed with some code back then that printed a report on a server printer.

    what I found was that the internal "PrintDocument" format used by windows to do print-preview and to then send to the printer is enhanced windows metafile.


    if you hacked up a fake windows printer driver for XP to take the app-level printer doc object and then send that over the network to the other machine and then open the printer and feed it that data I think you just might have a network printer hack.

    you could setup a named pipe to move the data.
    EMF should be the same for Vista or XP I think.

    you might be able to get the vista hack/printer to give the xp machines basic format info to the vista apps that want to print so that the emf that is generated is compatible.
    page size, colors, dpi that stuff...

    Another Idea:   have you tried matching that printer with a matching HP printer and use the HP driver?

    a *LOT* of the time that will work!

    as long as the driver sends PCL6 commands to the printer the printer should print the data just fine.