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View Thread: vista's event viewer - I don't like it
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    I am running Vista ultimate x32 sp1.
    I have found that the event viewer in vista is woefully inadequate.
    If you open eventvwr.msc and then click on the very top left (event viewer local) link, it shows the "summary" page which has the Critical, Error, Warning, Info etc broken down into categories and showing how many of each type in the last 1 hour, 24 hrs, 7days, and total.  This is a great feature ---- the only problem:  you can't resize this area!  It is a nightmare to navigate.  Is anyone else having this problem?

    also, I don't know WHY on earth they divided the event viewer up in to 200 different event logs.  I liked the 5-or-so they had in XP.  With filtering, did we really need to separate all of these?  Now in order to review the logs for problems, you have to click through a huge number of folders, subfolders.

    also, there is NO WAY TO CLEAR ALL THE LOGS QUICKLY- without going to EACH log and clearing it.  Clearing logs in Vista takes about 1/2 hour if you're lucky.

    These shortcomings really need to be addressed imo.
    anyone else agree?  or am I just an idiot who doesn't know how to use his computer?? (possible) Mad