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View Thread: VS 2008 build time increased by factor of 50 over VS2005
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    bozito wrote:

     Since we were only talking about VB projects, it didn't seem to fit into the discussion.

    Because according to the documentation, the option you said you set only applies to Visual C++ projects. You were thinking it applied to VB projects and I was calling your attention to the fact that it does not. I was only trying to help you out there. See the above posts for more info.

    bozito wrote:
    By the way, don't you think that you owe me an apology for implying that I was lying about developing one of the first IDEs?  And for being a condescending little jerk while you were at it?   I don't really expect you to, but I do think I have it coming.

    No insult was meant regarding your comment of having written one of the first IDEs. I'm sure you were proud of your work back then. But since your description doesn't entirely fit the definition of an IDE, that's the reason some were not taking your statement as gospel. Evildictator was right; it's hard to think of tools 20 years back as IDEs when compared to the huge set of tools in something modern like VS 2008. And I for one am grateful for the platform verification since I deploy applications to any WinMo device. But I see where you would be irritated since you only deploy to one or a limited number of devices.