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View Thread: Opening windows and accessing properties in WPF.
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    Okay, so I am trying to create a drawing program in WPF using InkCanvas and a couple of buttons to open up self-created tool windows to change properties of the pen.

    So far I've tried to make a (single) button in my WindowPenTools change the pen size from the default to a larger size.  So far, the only things that I can access in WindowMain are the events, and when I do type in the control name (which does not appear in Intellisense,) WindowMain.InkCanvas1, I see "Reference to a non-shared member requires an object reference."

    So I searched for a while and came across this:

    In Windows Forms, I did not have to do this (as far as I can remember,) It just worked.  And this is Visual Basic 2008 with .NET 3.5.

    So does this mean for every window that I want to able to change properties in, I would have to have 30+ lines of code in each form, even to open a window?