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View Thread: Where do you store single pieces of information?
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    Sven Groot wrote:
    Just to be a little more specific, it's just some text displayed on a single page of a website that the site owners will be able to change via the admin interface (it's actually two pieces of text: the version as the user input it and the html formatted version).

    That rules out web.config because I don't want to change that from code (has some nasty side-effects like resetting the application). I could use a flat file though. Such an ExtendedProperties table might be an idea, but the only thing it'd hold for the foreseeable future would be that piece of text.

    database is the way to go sven.

    you can use the ProfileProvider you can use the SetPropertyValues to insert any kind of properties you want the user to have. the data then will get serialized into a field in the profile table in the database and you dont even have to create a table for the text. you can even extend the profile provider to match your needs.